No More Mice & Rats with Our Rodent Control Services

Did you hear the scurry of little mouse feet across the floor, or tell tale squeaking in the walls or droppings? It's time to call Paul's Pest Control! You need our pest control technicians for full service rodent control that insures your home is rat and mouse free. Contact our pest control company today for an estimate on your service.

Showing Rodents the Door

Your technician will inspect your building or home and tell you what to fix to stop the mice or other rodents from coming in. For treatment, we put down bait that rodents consume, and then the rodents usually will go outside and die. All bait is set in areas that kids and small pets are unable to reach.

Say goodbye to those unwelcome mouse and rat problems,
with help from our Orange County, New York, rodent control professionals.

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